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    Why Paneristi?

    A while ago on the TimeZone bulletin board, the question was raised of "what should Panerai enthusiasts be called?". The initial suggestion was that "The Panerai Brotherhood" sounded fairly apt, but to a lot of people this name brought forth images of spooky guys in white cloaks.

    Hans Zbinden then suggested that since Ferrari enthusiasts in Italy were called "Ferraristi", why not "Paneristi"? After this, the name stuck in my head, and the result is now this website.

    Why Panerai?

    Like several well-known watch brands, the Panerai name comes from an older company that was pretty much out of business between the 50s and the 90s. The modern Panerai have hit the nail right on the thumb when it comes to creating a cult watch with great collectability. The watches have very distinctive striking looks, they are produced in relatively small numbers, and every year there are unique editions of truly different watches, not simply a rehash of last year's model with a subtly different dial.

    I've seen it said in many quarters that Panerai is a fashion, a fad, that will disappear within a year, but then I've heard this said for the last three years. If Panerai continues to excel in the range they produce then I see no reason for the brand's popularity not to continue. However because the size of the average Panerai will never appeal to all, there is little likelihood of them hitting the mainstream and becoming victims of their own success.

    Panerai package their watches with an attention to detail that is sorely lacking in other brands. The excellent wooden cases, choices of straps, documentation including COSC certificates, all the little extras add up to a very attractive package.

    So this is why we like Panerai. History, design, a broad and thoughtful range, and a little bit of exclusivity from a watch that you don't see on every street corner.

    What's This Site For?

    This site is intended to be a central repository for Panerai information, news, and opinion. It is free for all to use. If you find it useful then the best way to ensure its further existence is to contribute to the forum, gallery or archive sections.

    Is This An Official Site?

    No. While Officine Panerai is aware of the site, this site does not have any official sanction from the manufacturer.