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    Posting Guidelines

    The Public Forum is primarily intended for the discussion of Panerai watches and related topics and as a place where those interested in Panerai can share their enthusiasm and friendship.

    Off-Topic Posts

    The site's subject matter is narrow, and the forum can accommodate limited and non-controversial unrelated posts. In recognition of this, appropriate off-topic posts are welcome. These should, however, be identified by the preface OT in the subject line, for example: OT: Hamsters found on Mars!

    Code of Conduct

    Please abide by generally accepted standards of courtesy and civility: don't write anything that you would not say in person. Also, remember that this is an international site: subjects that are acceptable in your country may cause offense in other parts of the world. Personal attacks of any kind are always unacceptable and will be deleted without warning.

    Your Name

    Please use a consistent screen name. Participants are encouraged to log in to Network 54, but this is not mandatory. Anonymous posts may be deleted without warning or explanation, and any posters intentionally attempting to disguise their posting identity may have their posting privileges revoked.


    The Public Forum is strictly non-commercial. This means that the following are not permitted:

    For Sale, Want To Buy, or Want To Trade posts

    Messages which promote the sale of Panerai watches and/or related accessories and/or services, including messages which contain contact details for those offering such goods or services or links to sites that promote such goods or services.

    Postings that serve no purpose other than to directly or indirectly attract and/or alert readers to the availability of such goods and services.

    In recognition of the forum's usefulness as a resource for those intending to buy a Panerai watch, questions regarding retail prices or market prices of discontinued watches or seller's references are allowed. However, anyone posting such questions should include an email address and responses must be made only by email. For similar reasons, discussion of retail prices is acceptable.

    These are guidelines only. The acceptability of individual posts is entirely at the discretion of the Moderators, who will make their decisions in accordance not only with these criteria but also with regard to the spirit of non-commercialism. Posts that are deemed to contravene the non-commercial spirit of the Public Forum may be locked, edited, or deleted without warning or explanation.

    Links to other websites:

    Like any site, we are strongly against shilling of any kind, on our site to other sites, or on other sites to ours. Here shilling is defined as any posts, links, or references whose PRIMARY purpose is to direct traffic to another site. This includes links that are shills but masquerading as informational references.

    April 30, 2004: will no longer allow links or references of any type or reason to sites that as a matter of blanket site policy do not allow links to, or, whose owners have been banned from Paneristi for consistent violation of our posting guidelines. Posts that include links, references or shills for such sites will be edited or deleted, with or without notification.

    Types of posts subject to deletion without notice on

    Anonymous posts:

    Any "anonymous" posts, in general, are subject to deletion without notice. Posts that are POTENTIALLY inflammatory or vitriolic in nature but possibly have some other redeeming content MUST have a valid email address attached to the post, with an author name or screen handle. Any such posts without a valid email address, even with an author screen handle, will be considered "anonymous" and will be deleted without notice. Of course, posts that are ONLY inflammatory or vitriolic will be deleted without notice, with or without a screen name and email address.

    Any posts with avatars or signatures that link or refer to other discussion sites.

    Any such posts will be deleted without notice, even if the subject of the post is otherwise allowable.

    Any posts that serve no purpose other than to try to incite rancor or discord.

    This includes any posts whose main or sole subject is the discussion of websites and their policies. This site is for the discussion of Panerai products in particular, watches in general. It is NOT for discussing site politics or policies.

    We have always tried (and continue to wish) to moderate with a light touch, but certain individuals have forced us to significantly tighten our moderating policies.

    Final note

    All posts express ONLY the views of the author of that particular post.